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How Probolan 50 works

The supplement for increase of muscle mass Probolan 50 is categorized as legal steroids. This preparation boosts natural production of testosterone. Thereafter, it optimizes susceptibility to muscle receptors so to increase its anabolic properties.

Testosterone is the most important hormone responsible for burning adipose tissue, increase of muscles and their shape. Scientific tests proved that mass capsules Probolan 50 boost testosterone production in a natural way even by 400%. Ingredients consist of 50 mg Epihydroxetiolan-17-ester in one dose. Security of its usage has been scientifically proven in a series of tests.

Use of Probolan 50

Dosage of the preparation depends on the level of advancement. The first cycle should be used as following: I week – 1 capsule/day; II week – 2 caps./day; III week – 3 caps./day; IV week – 2 caps./day; V week – 1 capsule/day.

It should be drank with a lot of still mineral water. The preparation is a natural prohormone and because of that is should be dosed cyclically.

How to build muscle mass?

Probolan 50 is an effective mass supplement which has strong anabolic properties. This preparation is well opinioned among both professional bodybuilders and amateurs. However, you must remember that the basis of the success is good training for gain of mass, diet and supplements. This preparation is a great complement for these elements. Many beginners make the same training mistakes and then complain that the supplement does not work.

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Lewis from Malton

I came across Probolan 50 at the time when I was checking preparations boosting increase in muscle mass. At the beginning I was leery of this anabolics. However, fast effect of using Probolan has truly surprised me. As soon as 48 hours from the dose passed I have noticed the first effects. My muscles grew visibly and I began to feel such a power and strength as never before. Thanks to this specific and regular exercising in a relatively short time my body shaped in a way that I have always dreamt of.


An acquaintance of mine used this product and has advised me to try it as well. I did, and I am glad I did. It is easy to take and can be transported without any problems.
DanMar 11, 2016
I am very enthusiastic about this product. The thing I like most is that it does not have any side-effects, which some other products do have. That way I can easily use this product and there are no downsides to it. I can only recommend it!
Bo93Feb 05, 2016